We are a music school established in 1986 with approximately 250 weekly students currently enrolled. Our teachers are tertiary graduates, and specialist performing musicians in their instrument. We offer individualized lessons in Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Violin, and Music Theory.

The lessons are individualized: you decide the style of music you wish to learn, and the type of approach you wish to employ to reach your goal, and we work with that. We must also say that at times you will need to take advice from your teacher, and develop specific skills and techniques that will help you reach your goals. And over-riding all is the requirement that you engage in regular Instrumental Practice at home, which will provide you with the improvement needed to make the whole experience of learning music an enjoyable one. 



Music Mind Games is a curriculum of more than 300 cooperative games for teaching music theory and reading, created and developed by Michiko Yurko in the USA. Used in music studios and classrooms around the world, Music Mind Games makes music theory easy to understand and most of all, it is really fun.

Students learn sophisticated concepts involving rhythm, dictation, note reading, and sight-singing in the form of imaginative games. Thanks to a nurturing teaching philosophy, sequential pedagogical concepts, clever materials and mind-stimulating games, students grow to love and be excited about music theory.

The video below is just one of the many examples of the games that Michiko has invented to make learning theory more fun for children.